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2013-2015 Theme


2014-2015 Project:  
Haitian Hospital
Goal:  $12,000





Fall Issue of A Witness

The latest edition of A Witness is available.  If you receive your copy by email subscription you should receive your email shortly.  Please find the latest version here.  

Special points of interest:

  • Dates Coming Up - page 2
  • Support our Ministry!  A Message from the Treasurer - page 5
  • Special Project Information - page 3



Special Project Brochure

Our revised Special Project Brochure is now available!

Our project monies this year will help assist the hospital from the building and equipping phase to the operational phase.  

Help support this good work which the Lord has begun in Haiti to provide high quality health care, not just for a restricted few, but for all the people. 

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From the Board

Have you noticed the new section on the website?  

In an effort to make the website easier to use, I have created a place for our members on the ABWM NYS Board to get information to you.  

First up on this new section is some information from our State Treasurer on the remittance forms that our local groups and associations use each year to send and report the monies that we have gathered during our ministries so that they can be counted for our yearly convention.  

Please read the rest of the article here.