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2013-2015 Theme


2014-2015 Project:  
Haitian Hospital
Goal:  $12,000





Bullying in Sacred Spaces

Please share about this Virtual Mission Encounter.  

"Fewer than 30% of bullying incidents are physical; the rest are subtle: the spread of rumors, ridicule, ostracization. Sometimes, unfortunately, youth group games and activities or dynamics between adults and youth can even unwittingly encourage such behavior."  

You can sign up and read more about the Virtual Mission Encounter on the National AB Women's Ministries website.  

Please download this flyer and share it with the adults and youth you know.



Upcoming Conferences

The time after convention is always a busy one but this is one of the most important.  Our area conferences are coming up quickly! 

Below are links to the entire packets and Registration forms when available for our area conferences.  For files separated out please visit our Conference page.  

Please download these and distribute them to the young (or young at heart) women that you know will be interested!




Winter Issue is Live!

The Winter Issue of A Witness is live!  So you can click on the left at the section From the Board to read pieces from each position but to get the full experience click on A Witness and download the latest version.  

Two important points to note...

In the Mission & Service article Joanne talks about the "Crisis at the Border: What Could I Do?" Virtual Mission Encounter, March 2-6, 2015.  Registration is due February 26th!!  (The print copy has the incorrect date. Missed that, thanks to Sandy for catching it in time for the electronic copy.)

In the print copy there is not an important article from our Scholarship Chairwoman, her full article (now is posted).  Click here to read it. The deadline for the Scholarship Applications is now June 1st!  Please share this with the young women you know as this is a valuable opportunity!