11 Days to Dig In

11 Short Days

… to raise $40,000 as  American Baptist Women’s Ministries completes the move to the new offices with or without our help financially.

Thoughts and Prayers are not enough.

The move was not planned ahead of time to take into consideration yearly church budgets planned last year.  Yes that makes it inconvenient, but the good things are often inconvenient in their timing.  We just do not always see them as a blessings at that moment.

A Story of Hot Water

In April when my hot water heater decided to give up and start leaking all over my basement floor, I was not exactly counting my blessings when I first saw it… as I’m sure you can imagine.

Going downstairs and stepping into water, warm water, ugh.

Knowing how many dollars it was going to cost, much less how much was already on the floor …wincing.

Knowing we had just gotten our tax return… thanking God.

Realizing we almost traveled that weekend… Praising God … We were home even though it changed all plans for that weekend.

My husband and I joke that we made it through the Ice Storm in 1998 because we lived in the village and had hot water even though we had no power for five days.  Then it was just us and a young cat.  This time we had power and heat, and an elderly cat… but we had no hot water, four children who couldn’t understand why they had no hot water, and for a few hours the house had absolutely no water running.

It wasn’t convenient.  It was expected though.  My hot water heater was 16 years old. God had already been placing the thought of replacing it in the coming year.  I had just hoped to plan ahead and perhaps not do it in a rush.  Well….. yeah.

Hot Water Heater and Moving?

American Baptist Women’s Ministries has had a National Office in the old office space for decades.  Buildings degrade much like my hot water heater.  The organizations that lived in that building decided the building no longer worked.  It was time for the Mission Center to be sold and dismantled.

American Baptist Women’s Ministries had to hurry and find, and now fund, new Digs.

They found the new digs.

They have made the best of a not planned situation and have a new home, a new set of offices.

This is Where We Come In

The funding of the is where they need our help.  The new “Digs” have fully functional offices for our national staff.  They will also have conference rooms for meetings, a learning and research center, and up-to-date technology now available. Staff will be able to interact easily with denominational partners and other organizations to further the goals of AB Women’s Ministries more creatively and collaboratively.

With this move comes the challenge of new expenses.

We, the women of AB Women’s Ministries, are responsible for making sure our national offices are as effective as possible for today’s ministry. Together we can make that happen!

The national board, has invited all American Baptist Women in every state and every region in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to work together to raise $40,000! Whether your church has an official AB Women’s Group or not, do you have women in your church? You do? I’m so glad! You can benefit from the ministry that AB Women’s Ministries has to offer!

By this amount being raised the programming will not suffer.  Our event planning will not suffer.  Our ministry will not suffer.

If we as American Baptist Women of US and Puerto Rico do not manage to raise $40,000 then something will have to be cut.  Hard choices will have to be made.

If God had not provided my taxes just before the hot water broke, we would have been in serious straights.  I know that every financial adviser says to have an emergency fund.  I don’t know about you but too many of us, just like our organization, do not have that emergency fund.  We’d have to ask family, friends.  Find a way.

We are that way for American Baptist Women’s Ministries.  We are the provision that God has waiting for the what-if scenario.

Talk to your churches.  Talk to your families.  Remember all of what American Baptist Women’s Ministries has given you, and those who came before you.  Let’s raise that money!

Give Online!

You can give directly online with a credit card by clicking here.  Scroll down the page and click on the GIVE ONLINE button.

Mail Your Gift!

Mail your gift labeled “Dig In for New Digs” to:

AB Women’s Ministries
PO Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851

Do you need more information?  Find the tri-fold brochure, a poster, our previous post on Dig In For New Digs.

Let’s do this!

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