A Witness Update … Spring 2020

Just a quick update… The latest issue of A Witness should be out within, I hope, 24 hours or less. As with everyone working through the uncertain times facing us right now, there have been challenges that have delayed my ability to work on it.

Personal intrusions of an allergic reaction to a medicine and subsequent recovery, losing a longtime furry companion (18 years) grieving and trying to help four girls process grief, the end of a semester, and technology… lovely technology that has not always cooperated. Then there is just the overwhelming fatigue that most of us are undergoing amidst the uncertainty of our current situation with the pandemic.

I thank you for your understanding and it should be arriving here and in your inbox soon.

In the meantime remember to get the Scholarship Forms for the 2020-2021 year out to the college students you know. Contact your current Scholarship Girls and check in on them. This semester has been hard on students and professors alike. Seniors especially have faced a much different transition from college than any of us could have ever expected.

Pray for those who had put so much hard work into summer activities that have been postponed or cancelled.

Check on your friends. There are likely days they are not doing okay. A quick email, phone call, or a handwritten message can do a lot to lift spirits even when we cannot get together in person.

Be safe, be well, and trust in God to hold us close in this process.


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