AB GIRLS … Spring 2016

I’d be untruthful if I said that all is well with the AB Girls. So many churches are losing their youth participation. It’s hard to remain positive at a time when girls are choosing sports and social media over church and church activities. I pray that with God’s help the AB Girls will be able to continue, but I do have many concerns.

This being my last year to lead this group, it must now go on to another leader and I hope she can find a way to promote and grow what I consider to be a VERY necessary part of ABWM.

Last year we did have a very successful, yet small, conference at Houghton. The conference this year will again be at Houghton College. The dates are June 30th-July 3rd. All of the forms are available at the AB Girls section of the website. Please stop by and get information for your church. The cost is $175 per girl, which includes meals and accommodations from Thursday dinnertime until noon on Sunday (7/3). (No lunch). It also includes a t-shirt for each girl.

This is such a unique opportunity for girls in grades 4-12 to join together in fellowship and fun. Younger girls, (ages 7 and up) are also invited, but must be accompanied by an adult from their church. We are always looking for more adults and CITs. Their cost is $125 each.

The conference will include all kinds of fun activities: music, great food, games, a talent night, communion, consecration service, workshops, movie night, more great food, and best of all….lots of time with their sisters in Christ.

Although small attendance is a little discouraging, it does allow for great small group interaction and some one on one with some terrific adults. I do hope that we can continue and grow.

I have enjoyed my stint as chair. I found that I approached it quite differently than when I held the position in early 1990’s. I hope that even if we can’t continue with a state conference in the future, our ABWM of NYS will continue to consider their young women. Include them in the area conferences and in our state gatherings. It’s not going to be an easy road. Today’s society is very diverse and is filled with other choices for our youth. I pray that we, as women of faith will reach out and touch these young lives.

Although my term is over, I am still more than willing to speak at your church, your association or your women’s group. Let’s keep spreading the word, and wrapping our arms around these young women.

Thank you for your support.

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