AB GIRLS Liaison … Fall 2017

When I was born my mother decided to name me Cheyenne Snyder (yes I have a middle name but it isn’t worth mentioning).

God immediately was introduced into my life as I would attend Sunday school and church at an early age. I attended Vacation Bible School in the summer while growing up, and after I outgrew the attending age, I would start helping out.

I also grew up attending American Baptist Girls conferences, American Baptist Women conferences, American Baptist Youth conventions, and Camp Vick.

American Baptist Girls (AB GIRLS) has really pushed me closer in my walk with our Father. AB GIRLS has shown me that I am not alone in today’s society.

As one of the AB GIRLS liaisons appointed to the state board of American Baptist Women’s Ministries of NYS, I hope to bring ideas that will peak the interest of the young women of God that have yet to be reached.

I also hope to help share God’s word and love to those that already know Christ but feel they could use a younger person’s perspective.

Outside of the board I’m studying biology at Keuka College. I believe in spreading His love everywhere and while I am attending school I tell those around me about His great love!

As a reminder, I would love to come to anyone’s church to speak!

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