AB GIRLS Liaison … Fall 2018

My name is Cheyenne Snyder and I am one of the AB GIRL Liaisons on the ABW of NYS board.

The AB GIRL Liaison position was designed to be a bridge between AB GIRLS and AB Women, hoping to be able to bring some ideas to the board’s attention.

I am available to come out to churches and provide a perspective about how younger minds are working in today’s age.

I am happy to be in this position as I have grown up attending AB GIRL conferences, AB Youth conferences, AB Women conferences, Delta Lake retreats, and Camp Vick.

Currently, I am in college. While many understand that college students can be a little stressed at times, but I do want everyone to know that coming to talk would not add stress in my life.

I want to help AB Women’s Ministries and the churches of NYS but I can only do so much. Why you might ask?

My job is more than bringing young ideas to the table.

  • I am more than willing to write something up that someone could read to their church or group or what not.
  • I am more than willing to put something together and present it to a group via video chat.
  • I am more than willing to drive to share a message in person.

The catch is I can only do this if people reach out and invite me to do it. It breaks my heart to say that as of Fall Board meeting, no one has reached out to me.

I do not feel as if I am fulfilling my position because I have not been able to come talk with anyone on potential ideas for maybe bringing or reaching younger ladies. I know not all the ideas may be something that everyone is open to, but I would love to come talk with you and your churches.

Let me help you! Cheyenne

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