AB GIRLS … Spring 2020

And in seeing days that I never a imagined, I know that I am not alone! 

I hear it so often is this the end of the world will this consume us all pray for me help me what is going to happen next?

I am a witness to hope.

In the simplest of words… 

“Jesus, I trust you!”

I am not myself and at times I can’t admit it, but no one said the journey was supposed to be easy. I am sad. Unable to mourn, yet I smile, my heart is broken and  I will continue to pray. The loneliness is a push.  A sigh, what’s miles from my children on WhatsApp, and conversation with friends. I will continue to pray. Pushing back tears to minister to others and always there is constant work. Ignoring the fact that at times, and more times, then I should or would like to admit to anyone nowadays, many things feel like more than  I can bear.

 I am a witness to hope, 

“Jesus, I trust you!”

I think of Paul and Silas,  Acts16:16 – 40.  Even after doing good work  casting out demons saving souls and serving God to the best of their ability. They were  treated cruelly beaten and jailed.  Yet,  they continued to pray  and praise  In the midst of their storm which may have been more than they could bear. As they glorified the Sovereign Most High God the  jail cells were opened and people were saved. 

 I am a witness to hope. In all things

“Jesus I trust you!”

 I have seen people pray and call on the Lord, who  never uttered a word of prayer before? At times I’m not able to pray for myself, on the road to care for others. Father have mercy on me is sufficient as Grace is sufficient. 

I am a witness still to hope.

Knowing the power and the ways of the most  High is beyond my ways and  is beyond our ways. 

Have your way Lord and let thy Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever, in the name of Jesus Amen

That is to be a witness to hope. 

“Jesus a trust you!”


Editors Note:  The Commish is still working on a way to do something this summer.  Keep an eye on the website and when something can be announced it will be. 

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