ABWM NYS – The Need Remains

This week we are highlighting the offerings that would have been taken at Convention. Remember even though our Convention 2020 had to be canceled, the need remains for so many of these notable organizations. To read how you can continue to give to these offerings please read this post.

Note from the Editor: The giving time for this convention offering has ended.


Giving to ABWM of NYS supports the general operations of American Baptist Women’s Ministries here in New York State. These monies help support the everyday operations, any mailings (physical or virtual) you receive, the sending of our representatives to national conferences, and so much more.

Yes, you may remember we have focused on raising monies specifically to help us support these needed operations before, during our 2016-2017 Special Project. As discussed there, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes at the state level of ABWM.

Can you imagine a convention with no workshops, no music, no bible study leader, no mission speaker, no program books, no location because we have no insurance? These are only pieces of what support for ABWM of NYS means.

I know this year is unusual with COVID-19, and our convention had to be canceled. But the need still remains in order to continue to plan to bring you convention and programming at the state level in the future.

A note from the Editor: What could we do if we allowed ourselves to dream? Could we prepare to be able to hold something akin to Convention virtually? Could we reach people who cannot physically attend the convention while having a physical convention? All of these things would be supported by this offering.

If you could dream of a way for your local ABW group to be supported from the state level, what would it be? Email me, I’m curious. Any ideas sent on I will share with the Board.

Please remember these worthy ministries during this time of need. Just as we would have asked at Convention, we are asking you now to consider if you can help even a little. You can give online or by mail, further information can be found in this post. Note from the Editor: The giving time for this 2020 convention offering has ended.

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