ABY Convention 2019

As a youth, I attended the ABY convention, and I remember it being a wonderful rejuvenation as the fall had begun and any high I had from attending camp in the summer had begun to wane.

The ABY convention is a NYS convention open to any youth in grades 7-12, and youth ages 18-22 where they can gather together to worship, have fun, grow in faith, participate in missions and so much more.

You can read more on the ABY page directly. This year’s theme is Sailing the Storm.

Mission Project is Birthdays for Brazil working with Hope Unlimited.

Share with the young women and young men you know. All are welcome.

Maybe you want to help another way? Consider donating directly to American Baptist Youth online. Or donate toward their mission project online. Go to the same page and in the drop-down “Donation Designation” select “ABY Mission Project”.

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