Are You Feeling It?

It is March 1st.  Are you feeling it?  Does it feel like March is coming in like a lion or a lamb for you this year?

I know for me right now as I have my planner in front of me and the to-do’s and want-to-do’s there laid out, it is all to easy to feel a little stressed.  Many of us are working on taxes.  The weather forecast for our state this weekend is a cold one with snow for many across our state of New York.  It is easy with the uncertainty of time to accomplish to-do lists and the uncertainty of weather to feel unsure.  Are you feeling it?

But there is a way to become more sure.

stack of convention mailing with Are You Feeling It? written on the side

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13


A big part in the planning, is the searching for guidance.  It is the writing down of the steps.  It is the following of a path.

Sometimes we are looking at our to-do lists for running our small household, or something that we trivialize as being simple, to us.  I will not say running a household is simple, we all know it is not.  Many people, many schedules, and many wishes that would all love to be met – at the same time.

Sometimes we are like the members of the Convention Committee and planning a large gathering for others and we want every part to be perfect.  Perfect for those who come, yes.  But if we are doing our job in the right mindset, we want it to be perfect, to have made God proud by listening to his guidance as we plan and take the necessary steps.  Are you feeling it?

Hard at Work

Women are hard at work planning behind the scenes, dealing with any crisis in the delicate planning as they arise, in the hopes that when we get together on the evening of April 27th those of us “just” attending will have had no idea of the troubles.  These same women hope we will feel blessed by how God’s plan has come together for our Annual Convention.

These women can use our prayer as we are preparing our registration forms and mailing them in.  Like running a household, running a Convention of this size has moving parts that all have to work together.  Are you feeling it?

Have you sent yours in yet?

There are less than 26 days before your Convention Registration form and Hotel Registration forms are due.

Have you read through the workshops and decided which ones to attend?  Are you feeling a push to go to one that might be just a bit out of your comfort zone?  Are you feeling the comfort of something you know you will enjoy?  Are you simply feeling the need to be during the weekend and see where God leads you once you are there?

Reap the Benefits

Make sure you have gotten your registration form downloaded, and share it with a friend.  Send it in.  Come feel God’s presence with us in April.  Already I can hear the singing, and feel the prayers of the women as we gather.  Are you feeling it?  Hope to see you there.

Blessings, Rebecca

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