Arrangements … Fall 2015

by Marian Clark

The Arrangements Committee has requested ideas, suggestions and proposals from our future Convention Areas.  We are returning to Owego Treadway Conference Center for our Convention in April of 2016.  Our Semi-Annual Board  Meeting will be held October 28-29, 2016 here at the Owego Treadway.  PLEASE mark your calendars NOW so you can plan to attend and have information for the reservation forms when you receive them next Sept.  The Hotel always has a Deadline set in our contract for their protection, as well as ours.  This year on our deadline date we had only received 9.  Calls and E-mails were sent reminding our women to make their arrangements if they were going to attend.

Snacks were provided by our committee, thank you.

We are still considering sites for our 2017 Convention Place.  We met yesterday and discussed 3 different proposals for sites for 2017 and 2018.  There are two new facilities being built in Lake George and Watertown areas that are to  be completed in 2017.  We will request information from these sites.

Stayed tuned 🙂

Marian Clark , Audrey Davidson


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