Arrangements … Fall 2016

The Arrangements Committee has worked very hard to complete this gathering for our Fall Board meeting. Because we had to notify the hotel office much earlier than in the past, reservations were a challenge. Thanks to all the help of everyone’s understanding, Judy got the job done and done well.

We are still collecting information from different hotels around the state for consideration for the 2018 and 2019 Conventions. We will be traveling to a few places as soon as we can set up a time schedule with committee.

The next ABW/NYS Convention in 2017 will be held at RIT Inn in Rochester, NY next April 28-30.

Plan NOW to get your local groups together to come to the convention.

Need funds? Plan several fund raisers to help with the expenses so more women can attend and enjoy the Christian Fellowship with our AB sisters from across the state.

The information will be forthcoming from the Convention Committee after the first of the year…stayed tuned.

Also, we are looking for places to have our Fall Board meetings… if anyone has ideas, please tell the committee.

Marian Clark, Chair
Audrey Davidson
Judy Forward

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