Arrangements … Spring 2019

Plans are underway for the upcoming years for both convention and the board meeting. Last year, it was suggested that we try coordinating the board meeting with the convention by using the same facility for both. This would allow for much easier and more efficient planning and would also give the board a “look” at the convention venue.

The board meeting for 2019 and the convention for 2020 will be at the RIT Convention Center in Rochester, NY. (Henrietta). This was the site for our convention several years ago, and that experience allowed some negotiations to correct some of the possible issues such as long walks from rooms to meeting areas. These were all addressed before signing the contracts.

Sadly our conventions are smaller than in the past. Times change, as do family and work obligations. The good news is that a smaller group allows many more options in hotels. We now only need to book approximately 50 rooms, and need only seating for 140-150 for meals and general sessions.

Several hotels are bidding on the 2020 board meeting and 2021 convention. If you have a suggestion for a facility, please contact Claudia Little. Things you need to keep in mind: October is an expensive month in areas that draw tourists to see the leaves (prices go up about 40%).

Hotels need to be able to serve and house at least 140 for the convention. We look for hotels that do not charge extras for things such as water, tablecloths, microphones etc etc. They are becoming hard to find. We also look for venues that are not challenging to those who cannot walk a long distance, or can accommodate 10-15 handicapped rooms.

In case you are not aware; When the ABWM signs a contract, the price is based on an agreed upon number of rooms and a dollar amount committed to food. Should we NOT reach that number, the price goes up. Our prayer is that women will encourage others to attend these events, and that they do so in the time designated in the contract. Neither the hotel, nor the ABWM can guarantee a reservation if it made after the deadline.

Respectfully submitted,
Claudia Little (arrangements committee)

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