Arrangements … Spring 2021

As you can imagine and I’m sure the convention committee can attest to – making arrangements for meetings and convention in this climate is like herding cats.

The good news is that the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel has been great to work with us.  We were scheduled to be there today!  So, instead, we have contracts for the board meeting in October 2021, and the convention in April 2022.  They graciously transferred our deposits to those dates, and they have kept the same reasonable rates.

I encourage those of you who computer to check out their website.  It’s at Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, Celeron NY.  It is a hotel in the Hart hotel chain.

When you see the photos, I know you will fall in love, as did some of our committee.

Of course, much will depend on the guidelines at that point, but currently we have our rooms reserved, a lovely meeting room and meals planned. 

I know this is a long trip for many of you.  I also have experienced those 5-6 -7 hour trips to other conventions, so I pray you will do what it takes to attend. 

This is a lovely area in both the fall and the spring (thank goodness we’re not going in the winter), and although it’s not an urban setting, there are other fun things in the area that you may want to experience.  The Board meeting in October will give you a chance to make your list!

Going forward, I’m looking for Board meeting in 2022 and convention 2023.  Hotels are hesitant to commit right now, but I’m always looking for contacts. 

Again, I remind you that if you are suggesting a hotel…it must be able to provide meals on premise, accommodate at least 125 people and offer a minimum of 6 breakout rooms.  I’m hoping the convention committee can offer me a list of things they want to avoid glitches.  The contracts are written with the needs we give them, additional rooms, amenities etc. prove to be expensive if they’re even available.

Thank you all for your support and your patience. Keep praying and hopefully…next year – we’ll all be sitting in this beautiful facility on Chautauqua Lake and enjoying the fellowship that we all want and need.

Respectfully submitted – Claudia Little

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