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All posts for the 2021 NYS Convention will be under this category.

We will be highlighting all aspects of the Convention Times and our 2021 Convention coming up, but you can download the file here!!

Online Registration is now available! 

Look for this button on the Registration Page where there are additional details. 

For those uncomfortable or unable to complete online registration there will be a Mail-In Registration file you can download as well.  The mail-in date is earlier than online to allow for postal travel time.

Our Convention doors will open virtually on Friday evening April 23rd at 6 pm.  

On Saturday, April 24th the online doors will open at 8 am and extend until the end of worship, anticipated to be about 3 pm.

Donation and Offering Information is available.  Please download the mail-in Donation Form, and look at the Donation Details page.  Your mail-in offerings need to be postmarked by April 26th!

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Gathering Together

We will miss getting together in person but let’s remember a lot of the memories of how the Spirit moves. We look forward to joining together as we ZOOM to Convention 2021.