Check out the Convention Page!

Everything is starting to get busy over on the Convention 2021 Page. We have images of pieces of the Convention Times 2021 edition, some information on Registration, and so much more to come.

Remember all of our women working on this are volunteers so we are trying to get things up as quickly as possible. Right now it is getting late on March 7th and I have been trying my best to work through this brain fog and headache, but I wanted to get an update out there before midnight tonight.

Online registration will be active before March 8th at 9 pm at night, if all goes according to plan tomorrow. There will be an email arriving in your inboxes tomorrow as well with all the details.

The coming days will have posts highlighting each piece of the Convention Times 2021 edition, which you can download right now, to tell you more about what is available for our Virtual Convention this year.

Start perusing the workshops available, read who our speakers will be, prepare your mind to listen to God’s voice telling you what you should be looking to try out this year.

Start spreading the word. The information for our Convention 2021 is arriving!

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