Come Zoom with us – Convention 2021

UPDATE from your Convention Committee: January 12, 2021

The last year until today, has been one of the darkest episodes in our lifetimes, but spring is coming and equally, our American Baptist Women’s Ministries and AB Girls Convention 2021 is on the way. There is no hotel, but we have the comfort and safety of our homes. There is no banquet, but we don’t really need the calories. On the positive side, we have time for the ice cream sundaes!  What’s left? Us!  Women coming together to talk, to share in each other’s burdens, and yes, to laugh, and grow in Christ’s spirit.

Going virtual was not our first choice, but it’s a great option with a world in pandemic.  Please join us for a new adventure into convention as we adapt to the challenges we face. 

Download the poster in pdf form to share here

We will still be hosting our “AB Women Got Talent” show on Friday night.  Different yes, but it will still be great!  We are asking all our talented women and girls to submit videos that will be presented and hosted by Cheyenne Snyder.  It’s going to be a great night. We will also have a break prior to the start of the show so we can all make our ice cream sundaes or even popcorn!  It will be fantastic fun.

On Saturday, we will have four morning and four afternoon workshops to choose from. Our workshops will feed your mind, body and spirit.  There is something for everyone at any age.  Details will be coming up in our “2021 Convention Times” which will be hitting the website in February. 

New this year, because of going virtual, we will have our final worship service on Saturday afternoon.  In these difficult times, we believe it important to be able to spend time with our church families on Sunday where our support may be needed.

Our team has worked diligently to bring you the best possible version of a Convention in a format and timeframe that will best serve our sisters.  We can’t guarantee perfection, but we can tell you that we have never worked harder to bring a convention to fruition. 

Questions? Email us at:

Blessings and love, from your Convention Committee

Cindy Kamm &, Joyce Camp Co-Chairs

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