Convention 2021 Registration


Convention Registration went out to our email list on March 9th. I thought a post went live on the same day here, but apparently, I left it in draft mode. So please accept my apologies!

(There are so many animations of the facepalm that I felt were appropriate but …. )

So as I was saying… Convention Registration is now available!

Convention Registration

(Clicking this image will take you to the Convention Registration Page.)

Look for the Register here button on the Convention Registration page to register online.

Online registration ends APRIL 7th! You will receive a Welcome Packet with materials needed for your workshops after registering.

On this page, you can also look for the download of the Mail-in Registration form if you need to mail it in, but remember that Mail-in Registration needs to be postmarked by March 29th so there is time for the Committee to receive your information and get out your Welcome Packet!

All the Information

Please download your edition of the 2021 Convention Times to plan out which workshops you would like to attend, read about the offerings and donation opportunities, and about our Keynote Speakers for our Zoom Convention this year. Also please download this form to mail in with your offerings and donations. Even though we cannot meet in person, the needs of so many we want to help still remain.


Over the course of the coming days I will highlight the workshops that will be held. In the times you can read more but the listing of all of them are:

  1. Leading with Leadership that Works!
  2. Moving & Chilling as Sisters
  3. Assisting Scammed Sisters
  4. A Journey Towards Wholeness
  5. Containing God’s Spirit
  6. Seek Your Own Wholeness
  7. Pilgrimage to the Pastorate
  8. Sisters Listening to Sisters

Offering & Donations

Over the course of the coming days, I will also highlight the opportunities to help others as we would in our normal time of getting together. These opportunities include:

  • ABWM National Donation
  • ABWM – NYS Support
  • Share the Love 2020 – Women & Girls Mission Fund
  • Community Helping Hands, Jamestown, NY (Local)
  • Love Gift
  • Girls Circle, ABWM – NYS Special Project

Please download your 2021 Convention Times and Donation form, and today and REGISTER soon!

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