Convention 2022 AM & PM Workshops

Convention 2022 Workshops bring many different opportunities for those attending convention.


Workshop 1 is only offered in the AM. There has been a lot of change in the last few years and our NYS AB GIRLS coordinator, Janese, wants to talk with you about navigating anxiety and Building Your Personal Brave New World.

Workshops 2 & 6 are the same for AM and PM offering you twice the opportunity to talk with Cheyenne and take A Look in the Mirror.

Workshops 3 & 7 are the same for AM and PM offering you twice the opportunity laugh with our NYS Ministries with Women Facilitator, Carol, to make a hands on bracelet and consider the Walls of the Heart.

Workshop 4 is only offered in the AM. This workshop centers on our theme and Overcoming the W. A. L. L. S. with Min. Owens who has overcome a lot in her own life.

Workshop 5 is only offered in the PM. This workshop explores the idea of what would the resurrected Jesus say about race, in Colorblind or ColorWISE with our Sunday Worship Pastor, Rev. Alicia.

Worship 8 is only offered in the PM. This workshop will require your swimsuit and will give you the chance to Wade in the Water with our own current NYS president Rev. Grace.

Registration Form

The registration form has a First Choice and a Second Choice selection. Make sure you give a choice for both as some of these may fill up quickly!

Registration is needed in Lillian’s mailbox by March 30, 2022. Please download it and get it in the mail quickly!

Virtual Attendees

This year it was difficult to make small groups work for virtual plenary (large group) attendees.

As I (Rebecca) type this up I am hoping we can bring some of these small workshops into a few virtual events later this year, if you are like me and unable to make it to the large gathering. If this is something you would like to support please let us know.

Even if you are attending virtually remember you still need to register by March 30, 2022!

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