Convention 2024 Headquarters

Rejuvenate to be Strong and Courageous!

Welcome to Convention Headquarters with this year's co-chairs, Lillian Cabral and Janese Knight.

It’s finally here!


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Welcome from your 2024 Convention Co-Chairs

Greetings from Janese and Lillian,

How are you feeling today? Really, I mean it, how are you feeling today? It doesn’t really matter what you do for your ministry, it feels exhausting. Many of us have many things on our plates; employment responsibilities, family responsibilities, community responsibilities, church responsibilities, the list probably could go on. Let me say just writing that seems exhausting. Sometimes we just need time to be. Sometimes we need no responsibilities overshadowing our lives. Calgon take me away!

The Convention Committee feels your pain. We looked at our new two-year theme of “Be Strong, Be Courageous” and asked the question, “How are we supposed to be strong and courageous when we are so overbooked and overwhelmed?” We decided we all need rejuvenation. So we made it the theme for our 2024 Convention (which by the way is our Diamond Jubilee gathering – Woo-Hoo)

Rejuvenate to Be Strong and Courageous! Using Joshua 1:9 as our theme scripture we found a wonderful keynote speaker, Marie Monville, who will share how she was forced to be strong and courageous in the unfortunate circumstances of her life and how God was with her all the way.

It is our plan and hope to offer a time for you to fellowship with sisters you haven’t seen in a year (or more), look into the Word, relax and enjoy your surroundings of the beauty of Corning, celebrate the ministry of American Baptist Women of NYS, maybe take a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass, just take a nap or go shopping.

The committee is excited about this opportunity to gather as sisters in ministry and to celebrate our chance to just be.

We look forward to seeing you in April 2024.

Praying many God blessings on each of you.

Janese Knight
Lillian Cabral
Convention Co-chairs, ABWM NYS

Meet Marie Monville, our 2024 Keynote Speaker

“When all other lights go out, He still shines!” This became the anthem to Marie’s life when on October 2, 2006, her then-husband made a decision to hold an Amish schoolhouse hostage, forever changing life as she knew through unthinkable circumstances, into the unfathomablelove of the Father. 

On her darkest day, Marie simply chose to believe that HE IS. Her act of faith radically propelled her into a future she could not have hoped for or imagined. Marie Monville ministers the truth of God’s love: it is deep enough . It is her testimony, forged while moving  forever, changing life as she knew it. It is her testimony, forged while moving to heal any wound, strong enough to break all bondage and brings light to those in darkness. In the years since God continues to unfold his beautiful plan of redemption over her family. Marie tells a story of forgiveness, healing, and the restoration God has done in her life. She is living proof that God can bring beauty out of brokenness, and she loves to share that message with others. Her testimony will inspire our group to dive deep into a relationship with God, which will transform your life and impact all you encounter. She believes that God is real, he is alive, and his love brings us to life.

Marie and her husband, Dan, live in Lancaster County, PA, with their 6 children. They became grandparents in 2019, and love everything about this new season. They traveled to South Africa in July 2015, where they adopted their son. Marie is passionate about adoption and shares this through her ministry. She graduated from the School of Ministry (Christ Community Church, Camp Hill, PA) and holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational Behavior from Immaculata University.

Marie is the author of One Light Still Shines and the forthcoming book, To Help You Heal. She hosts a weekly podcast (To Help You Heal) which will help you find healing for all areas of life.

Welcome to the Corning Radisson Hotel!

Positioned near the heart of the Gaffer District, Radisson Hotel Corning offers stylish rooms just steps away from shopping and dining on award-winning Market Street. Take a 20-minute walk from our hotel to the world-famous Corning Museum of Glass to glimpse inspiring works. Our location just off Exit 47 on I-86 also places you less than 10 miles from Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM).

From the renowned Rockwell Museum to a wonderful selection of shops and eatery’s all withing walking distance, you can enjoy the experience in a relaxed and unique new way from all the hustle of daily life.

At the hotel you can enjoy the pool or the exerciseroom or sit back and relax in the courtyard indoors or the fire pits outdoors. Smore makings  are available to toast over the open flame of the fire pits.

We have developed this convention, to give us time to connect and rejuvenate. We are looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you!