Convention Committee … Spring 2018

Well, we made it through! Such a lot of work went into the 2018 convention, but it was soooo worth it.

134 Full-timers registered, plus 9 part-time. We had some surprise attendees too, but everyone is welcome and we managed.

The weekend was blessed with the messages of Rev Betty Wright-Riggins and those of our missionary, Rev Suzi Harriff.

Inspirations continued through wonderful workshops led by some very gracious and faith filled women.

(We did have a “glitch” with the Tai Chi workshop, which didn’t materialize as contracted; but we are in touch with the health club and will hopefully be reimbursed for part of our fee. )

In planning these conventions, we often reach out to local organizations, businesses or groups …. And communication becomes a huge issue.

Apologies to all who didn’t get their Tai Chi Workshop…hopefully that time offered other opportunities for you.

“The Harvesters”, a wonderful singing group that includes the daughter and son in law of our very own, Joyce Camp, highlighted the banquet. They were inspiring and had everyone singing and praising with them. A big thank you to Joyce for helping make this happen and to the Harvesters for their great performance.

RISE was the local project that the convention supported. A great presentation explained all the many services this organization offers to those who are affected by domestic violence. Not only to women and children but also men. This is sadly such a huge part of today’s culture, and many sorely need those services. Thank you to all who contributed in any way.

For many, the Sunday worship service and communion were so memorable and moving. If you didn’t attend the convention…seek out someone who did, and allow them to share the wonderful feelings and messages they felt.

In addition to all of this; we completed our “Stitch by Stitch” special project coming very close to our goal, and introduced the new project – Murrow Indian Children’s Home in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

We’ll be supporting an effort to purchase 4 refrigerators and relocate and install 3 hot water heaters. You’ll be hearing lots more about this in coming days, but please let your women and your churches know what’s happening!

We also supported Love Gift, National Support and our own General ABWM fund during offerings.

The Book Store was a huge success and the percentage that the women receive was larger this year than in years past.

We also heard about lots of upcoming opportunities, the Scholarship girl program, the AB Girls Conference, GIRLS Retreat at Pathfinder and the Area Conferences. Phew!! No wonder we’re tired!

Probably one of the most important aspects of this convention, and of all of our conventions; is the fellowship between sisters from across NYS. The opportunity to worship, share, sing, praise and of course …eat together… is priceless. New friends and old, gather for renewal, refreshment and maybe even some “rest”.

Next year’s convention will be held at the DoubleTree Inn in Syracuse on April 26th to 28th, 2019. Why not mark your calendar now!?

An enormous amount of work went into the 70th Convention in 2018, and there are not enough words to thank everyone who helped make it possible. Pastors, workshop leaders, local committees, song leaders, convention committee members, board members, the hotel staff and all the attendees, gave it their all to make this a memorable and exciting event.

Thank you again to EVERYONE.

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