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Your questions answered for our annual Convention, April 26-28, 2019.

Remember you can download your Convention Times (articles and information along with registration).

General Questions

Questions about Meals

Questions about the Hotel

Questions on particular needs

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If you have another question that is not here please contact us at so we can get it answered for you quickly!

Question 1: What is an American Baptist Women’s Ministries Convention?

Answer: This is a great experience for all women and girls regardless of denomination to come together in faith, hope and love; to experience all that we as women can share, along with learning more of what it means to be an AB Woman or Girl. We will have wonderful activities and special events, fantastic and uplifting hands on workshops, a little free time to meet and greet with friends old and new, great meals and spiritual worship and growth.


Question 2: What is the Board meeting and luncheon?

Answer: Representatives from each of the regional associations, along with elected officers come together to continually work to develop AB Women & Girls Ministries at the state level, to develop new ideas and programs to support women and girls, and to maintain the many programs you enjoy such as the upcoming conference.


Question 3: Will there be offerings received during the convention?

Answer: Yes. There are four offerings received during the weekend. They are taken to support ABWM at the national level, ABWM at the state level, In My Father’s Kitchen (our Convention Mission Project, and Love Gift.


Question 4: What meals can I attend?

Answer: All meals are ticketed events, which you will receive when you check in at our registration table by the grand ball room. Full room/meal package pricing include all meals, special treats, etc, from 6:30 pm Friday – Sunday closing of worship. Separate meal tickets (for day-trippers and part-timers) will be available for purchase with registration.  Those attending the board meeting have the option to purchase luncheon tickets for Friday afternoon lunch.  Friday evening dinner is on-your-own. 

The official opening of convention begins at 6:30pm on Friday evening April 26th.  Along with various special treats that you will find, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday is all included in the room/meal package.

Day-trippers or those that can only make it part-time can chose their meal choices on the registration.


Question 5: What is the cut-off date for registration?

Answer: Registration will close on March 26th, 2019 at 12:00PM EDT. Exceptions may be possible, depending hotel availability but cannot be guaranteed.


Question 6: How do I make a room reservation?

Answer: We have worked to simplify registration this year. Simply fill out completely and send in the three pages (9-11) of your Convention Times, to the Registrar at the address listed and you are done! We’ll do the rest. Check in at the hotel will be waiting for you upon your arrival.


Question 7: When do I pay for my hotel, meals, etc?

Answer: This is required when you send in your registration package. Please make all checks payable to ABWM of NYS.

Question 8: I registered through the ABWM-NYS registration package but have no hotel confirmation number. Will I be sent documentation showing that I have guaranteed a room so that I can use that documentation with the hotel staff when I arrive?

Answer: Your reservation is through the ABWM-NYS registration and adds you to our room block – therefore, the hotel will not provide confirmation numbers. Convention, hotel staff and the Registrar will be on site, should there be a problem.


Question 9: Who do I contact to change or cancel my hotel reservation?

Answer: Please contact the Registrar prior to the closing date of March 26th, 2019.


Question 10: By what date do I need to notify the Registrar that I wish to cancel my 2019 Convention registration and thereby receive a refund?

Answer: Notification must be received prior to March 26th, 2019 to receive a refund; note that a $30-$55 registration fee is non-refundable.


Question 11: Can I order a special meal if I have dietary restrictions?

Answer: Yes – please email Cindy Kamm. Special Meal Requests are due by March 26th, 2019. You will be directed to the hotel representative to arrange for your special needs.


Question 12: I have signed up for an exhibit booth. Can I sign up for meal events?

Answer: Yes. Please contact your ABWM exhibit representative Grace Kelley-Neal.


Question 13: Who should I contact for more general information?

Answer: Please email Cindy Kamm for more information.


Question 14: I would like to share a room but do not have roommates, is that possible?

Answer: If we have those to share with, we can certainly group ladies together. Please let the Registrar know if you need to find roommates on your registration form. We will do our best to find share mates.


Question 15: I am interested in renting a wheelchair or motorized scooter to use at the convention. Where can I do this?

Answer: Please email requests early before March 26th, to Cindy Kamm. All efforts will be made to accommodate special needs. (Rental fees may apply)


Question 16: Is it possible to have a room for Friday night (single room cost $110) or is that price/option for Thursday night only?

Answer: Yes. Friday night room rental is $110 per room as well. That would be for any single night. Use the line on page 10 that says (Thursday) or single night room rate. In the count column put in FRI.

On the front sheet you would mark “single” for room size and under About YOU, “Part-time” if you are only participating for Friday. If you are participating for the entire weekend but just not staying at the hotel Saturday night, you have the option of each of the meals that are listed below. If you plan on attending the gala/banquet and plan on eating, please choose from page 11 with the London Broil or Chicken Rockefeller.


Question 17: Is there programming connected to the meals? For example, if I choose to be more budget friendly and not spend $30+ for a meal would I be missing anything, and if so what?

Answer: If you are not purchasing the “room/meal” package you can choose whatever meals to add on page 10. Friday night everyone is on their own for dinner. Following lunch on Saturday, we will be going right into our Leadership Roundtable Project with Stephanie Benson. I believe we will begin that around 1pm or when everyone is done with lunch. Additionally, the entertainment for the gala/banquet will likely overlap with the meal.


Question 18: Is the Gala the same thing as the Saturday Banquet or a separate later event?

Answer: Gala and banquet are the same thing. We’re just having a bit more fun with it.


Question 19: Is it possible to pay for the hotel with a credit card (when we get there), or do we need to mail a check to the Registrar (Rhonda Newill)?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, not for this year. All payments for the hotel will be made through ABWM-NYS. By next year we are hoping to have everything in place to process credit/debit card payments. We were trying to simplify the process, so we only have one payment. You can certainly send (in the same envelope with your registration/s) one check for the registration fee and however many checks for the hotel portion. All checks need to be made out the same: ABWM of NYS and sent to the Registrar.

Just so you know, when you check in at the hotel, they will still take your card number to hold, just in case you use anything else like the movie channels or the phone. The room/meals is all part of package paid to the Registrar.


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