Convention … Spring 2020

by Cynthia Kamm, Joyce Camp, Lillian Cabral

The convention committee is greatly saddened by the loss of our convention this year. Many hours of work are now on hold until we can move forward with 2021. Yes, it needed to be done but it’s still hard to imagine. There is only one casualty, our banner which was done with our Rochester location and date. If we have a place to save it, please let me know.  It is ours to keep. Banner image is below, you can click on it to make it larger.

The banner for our 2020 Convention that would have been. :'(

Lillian was able to get us released from our RIT contract. The staff at RIT Inn and Conference Center are to be commended for their graciousness in this difficult time. Our deposit will be refunded. There is nothing yet available for 2022. It is important to have 2-3 years in advance.

I did receive some information from the arrangements committee on the Chautauqua location, but need more clarification with the new contract It is difficult to proceed without knowing if all or part of the rooms are available to us and how they envision there use. Claudia did say as soon as she has the new contract, she will forward the information.  There is some concern over the event space available but hopefully once the contact is settled, we can make it all work. It would be helpful to know when the new contract will be signed.

Both online and mailed in refunds have been processed and mailed out. Thanks Lillian.

Thank you to Becky for getting the convention page cleared and helping to let others know of the cancellation.

The last item is the offerings taken at convention. Lillian did send out (50) a note with each of the return checks to let them know that we are still taking donations in the form of checks and gift cards if they have already been purchased. However, we have talked about putting a donation page up specifically for the donations online and a pdf that can be printed off and sent in for those that prefer checks on the webpage. This will need to be coordinated with Becky and Lillian and we can set up the appropriate link that would send funds directly to the convention account to be distributed accordingly.

Update: Donation page for convention offerings has been set up on our website. Thanks to Becky for getting everything up on the website and sending out an email blast. We have also set up a pay link through Tithely for collecting offerings and depositing to our convention account for the future. The donations will be distributed accordingly, on April 27th.

Our local project, Sleep in Heavenly Peace will be sent out to them directly when we receive them.

The others, ABWM National, ABWM-NYS, Not on My Watch, and Love Gift will be sent on to Frankie.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Kamm & Joyce Camp, co-chairs and Lillian Cabral, Registrar

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