Current Special Project

two doctors doing an eye surgery from the Cap Haitien Eye Clinic

For the month of July 520 patients were seen,

2023-2024 ABWM/NYS Special Mission Project

Please continue to present, support and pray for our current Special Mission Project. At the bottom of this page is an email from Nzunga & Kihomi on Sept. 23, 2023. This gives some statistics for the months of July and August, even in the midst of such turmoil in Haiti. This project will mean so much to them as they see Christ at work through us and our giving

Cap Haitien Eye Clinic – Our goal is $10,000

In a poor country like Haiti, the loss of vision can be debilitating and life changing. Restoring vision is the primary objective for the Cap Haitien Eye Clinic. The staff strives to offer quality care for more than one million people in northern Haiti. Restoring and improving vision for children and youth facilitates their learning, and with an education they have a better chance at a much brighter future. Your gifts enable the Cap Haitien Eye Clinic to provide quality eye care in the eye exams, medications, corrective lenses and surgery. Your support helps restore the gift of sight and gives each child, youth and adult a second chance in life.

Especially in this time of unrest in Haiti, our support is needed. A new generator is on their wish list.

The Eye Clinic is managed by our IM missionaries Khomi Ngwemi & Nzunga Mabudiga.

$50 provides a box of injections used in the operating room
$100 provides cataract surgery for one child
$250 provides for two surgeries and glasses
$500 provides a box of surgical knives

Please pray with the staff of the Cap Haitien Eye Clinic that their ministry will be blessed as they offer sight to those in need.

  • 20 operations,
  • 35 precision tests were realized with our newly acquired Pachymetry,
  • 237 tests in our laboratory.

In Haiti the eye clinic have provided many services:

  • 639 patients seen,
  • 20 operations,
  • 44 tests Pachymetry,
  • 267 laboratory tests.

Our clinic remains the only one in the entire northern of Haiti still operating on children free of charge thanks to your support and your prayers. Tuesday is the operating day.

Nzunga & Kihomi

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Current Special Project