2016-2017 Special Project

This year our project is a two-fold one for ABWM NYS. Download your project brochure here. *link updated 12/2016*

Do we need a project for ourselves? YES!

Imagine a state convention with no workshops, music, Bible study leader, mission speaker, reports, insurance, program books. That’s only part of what the general fund supports.

Our president would not be able to represent NYS at national ABWM events.

There would be no mailings, no newsletters from officers, no Witness newsletter, no website, no auditing of our finances.

These are all financed by our General Fund. Giving to the fund has been down for the past few years and at one point was critically low.

Our goal for this part is $7,000.

All monies received above the $7,000 goal for the General Fund will go to our newly created ABWM NYS Conference/Retreat Scholarship Fund.

Have you ever wanted to go to our national ABWM conference or area retreat or maybe the ABWM NYS Convention, but funds were low? This will help enable women in our state to attend national, state, and area ABWM conventions, conferences and retreats by providing scholarships for them.

Our dream is to raise another $7,000 for this fund.

It’s time to move forward and get more women involved. This project can be the first step. Please download the 2016-17 ABWM of NYS project brochure here.

We are the next step. Reach out to others you never imagined and let God bring out the best in you.