2015-2016 Special Project

The Special Project for 2015-2016 is focusing on the national focus of the 3 Year Leadership Development Initiative.

Please download the Special Project brochure for this year.

…..The following is by M. Joanne Strauss, April 2015…..

Last fall I emailed the national executive director of American Baptist Women’s Ministries, Virginia Holmstrom, asking her to suggest a national project for our 2015-16 NYS special project. This is an excerpt of her reply to me.

“The National Board of American Baptist Women’s Ministries voted in July 2014 to begin a new 3-year Leadership Development initiative that promises to provide training and skills to leaders that will help our entire ABWM organization—local, area, region/states, and national—to extend its outreach and increase participation among AB women and AB girls that are currently missing in our organization. We will explore options for being more inclusive in our AB Women’s Ministries participation and leadership at all levels.

Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray is serving as the consultant for this timely initiative. She is leading us in designing a planned approach all so that ABWM can flourish and grow as the beloved community, One in Christ. “

Our national leadership considers this an important priority and we in NYS want to support this initiative. Let’s dream BIG!

Our goal for this project is $14,000. Yes it’s higher than recent past projects, but with God’s help we can do it. We need to grow and who better than to help us than Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray.

A detailed explanation is included in the flyer which appears in this issue of A Witness.

Please make copies and share with women in your church and associations.

I am happy to come and speak to any groups about this project or any ABWM/ABC missions group in your church or association meeting (within a 4 hour drive from Tuckahoe).

There are so many women not involved with or knowledgeable about with ABWM who should be. This is an opportunity for us so let’s dream BIG!

Joanne Strauss, Coordinator of Mission and Service