Dig In For New Digs!

It’s time.  The National American Baptist Women’s Ministries office has got to move.  For them to do that and then still be successful in helping us, the state, regional and local associations we need to help them!  Let’s Dig In for New Digs!

The situation…

The offices have resided the Mission Center jointly owned by our denominational partners.  Those partners include:

  • American Baptist Home Mission Society,
  • Office of the General Secretary,
  • International Ministries, and
  • Ministers and Missions Benefit Board.

Our small space for the National American Baptist Women’s Ministries has been in the Mission Complex with the above offices.  The space has looked like this.

The cramped space the national office has worked with for years, why we need to Dig In for New Digs!

The building cannot continue to be used as the denominational partners have wanted and have searched, and found, a space that is more conducive to sustaining and enhancing collaborative denominational ministry.

So the new office looks like this right now.

Picture of Wendy and Gina sitting in the empty new office on two spools of wire waiting for the funds from our Dig In for New Digs campaign.

They Need Our Help

As with most moves, you find old furniture, technology, just the stuff you had made do with for so long just won’t work in a new space.  We’ve all had that happen as we have moved from one home, job or position in life to another.

For our National Office to have the easiest transition we need to Dig In For New Digs and help them fund the following.

New Furniture

… including, tables, chairs, storage.  Things you need when you are setting up in a new space.

New Technology

It is necessary to update the phone system.  But computers, printers and audiovisual equipment are all needed.

You know how it gets when your computer is getting old.  We as women are used to making do, but at a certain point the computer no longer works.  Or everything takes longer than it should or would with a new computer.

Let’s get them some new tech so they can help us in ministry to women and girls around us.

How do I Dig In for New Digs?

Here is a flyer you can share with your churches and organizations.

picture of the tri-fold brochure to be downloaded for the Dig In for New Digs campaignHere is a tri-fold brochure you can share with some more details.


Give Online!

You can give directly online with a credit card by clicking here.  Scroll down the page and click on the GIVE ONLINE button.

Mail Your Gift!

Mail your gift labeled “Dig In for New Digs” to:

AB Women’s Ministries
PO Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851

There will be more posts to come, with updates with our giving as a region towards the goal.

Share, Give, and Participate in the ministry we all hold so dear.

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