Dreams Coming True – Part 2

We started Michelle’s story during Part One of our Scholarship Girls Dreams Coming True series here.

Now we will continue in her journey.

For the 2013-2014 school year, Michelle’s application for scholarship included the following.

I am nearing the end of my third year in medical school, looking forward to graduating next year.


I know I want to be a missionary doctor, but I am not sure what type of doctor and the pressure is on to figure it out.  I am just finishing up my pediatrics rotation and so far that is the one I have my mind set on.


I am trying to figure out where I will spend residency.  I have avoided making this type of decision for a long time because I don’t know what the right answer is.  I think the Lord has been quietly saying the same thing to me all year, but somehow I keep forgetting it.


“Trust me.”  Right now I feel as though I have been underground hibernating for the winter with no concept of what is going on beyond my little cave but even while hibernating, God has been an ever present help.

A note from Rebecca…

Can you imagine?  Can you relate to that feeling of being inside your own little world and just wondering how things are going to happen or what direction to go?  Not feeling like you know the way outside of your own cave that you are hibernating in for the winter?

As a former scholarship girl I know I can so relate as I tried to look beyond my time in my current set of classes that I was struggling to get through.  So many of our scholarship girls I’m sure go through the same thing.  Which is why our support of them during the year is so helpful.

Back to Michelle…

I am still planning to go to Southeast Asia next spring where I am going to conduct a project investigating the effect of child sex trafficking and their recovery.  I am hoping that somehow through medicine and diplomacy I can effect a change permanently for that area of the world and turn the tide toward God in rural communities who are suffering these atrocities.


I am grateful for the support of ABW through my years of schooling and I am truly blessed to be part of the family.


Support for our girls is so important.  You are beginning to see the gist of that here.  Tomorrow I will share some thoughts she had and how she expressed that evident support so well.  Do you know your Scholarship Girl for this year?  We will not have the listing of girls up here on the web for saftey reasons but if you find you do not know who your region has been assigned please leave a comment below so we can get you in touch with the Scholarship Chairwoman to help you make that valuable connection.

Blessings, Rebecca

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