Early November Update

The beginning of November is here so I wanted to give a quick update of things that are happening.

There are so many asking us to Feel the need and to give at this time of year.  I hope you Feel the need from American Baptist Women’s Ministries and the desire of the National Office to support us.  To do that, we need to support them.

The Dig In For New Digs Campaign continues to run until November 20, 2018.  The move is already happening and there have been some posts made to our Facebook page sharing pictures from the National Office.  Remember this move is necessary because of the sale of the building the National ABWM office was in.  Even though the move is already occurring does not mean that the need for money is done.  In fact it all the more apparent how they money is needed as they trust us to provide for the move as it is occurring.  Lets show that we are up for the challenge and give to our National needs above and beyond.

As of 11/2/18 there is still $33,000 to raise.
Less than $400 of that amount has been documented from those of us in NYS.
Wow. 😳
Come on ladies let’s show how we can give above and beyond to help support in this time of need!

The Fall Board Meeting was just held this last weekend, October 26-27th in Cortland.  There were many things discussed and a synopsis of many of the reports will be coming out in the next issue of A Witness.  Other topics will be expanded up on in the coming weeks here on the website.

A Witness will becoming out shortly after the meeting.  If you have something you would like to share about how your region or church or women’s group is Witnessing please contact the editor and it might be able to be included in this issue.  The next issue of A Witness does not go out until May 2019.  But updates are always being made here on the website and your stories are always welcome.

ABY Convention starts tonight be thinking of the youth and leaders as they gather together this weekend.

More information will be coming as the month progresses with

Blessings, Rebecca

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