From the Editor … Fall 2016

Have you ever had a word for your year? I have loosely had a word for the last few years. ‘Blessed’ was one year, ‘Survive’ was this year and I’m still trying to figure out my word for 2017.

At the Fall Board Meeting Sandra Hasenauer challenged us with the word ‘Change’. That is a scary one that many of us in the ministry of the church have heard and frequently dread. But not all change is bad. Change can lead to growth when we allow it.

Looking back at the notes I took during our Fall Board Meeting, especially as I sit here contemplating my word for next year, there are many thoughts swirling in my head.

Exploring our feelings behind certain words, like change, are very important.

Many times if we are giving a choice about a word on a spectrum, we might be surprised by where we end up in the end.

When we think of these feelings, we have to examine not only our gut reactions, but the why’s behind those reactions, without worrying for the thoughts others may have.

As we examine words are we looking at where we are now, or where we want to be in the future? Often both ideas come into play when choosing a word for the year for me.

Prayer places a huge role as well. Sometimes, but not always, I have that feeling of the 2×4 helping to choose my word. 🙂

Lillian is asking us to pray as well. Perhaps the prayers with the focus she asks for (on page 2), will help you figure out your word for this coming year. If you have one come share it on our Facebook page or right here below!

Blessings, Rebecca

4 Responses

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m going with “hopeful”

  2. Joyce Whittaker says:

    I chose “moving” because I want to keep going forward.

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