From the Editor … Fall 2017

What have you been feeling lately? It is easy in this time of political unrest, in the chaos of the climate change, in looking at a to-do list that seems to never end; to feel overwhelmed.

For me the uncertainty of my surgery timeframe, and then my recovery as it felt I had setback after setback has made so many things feel overwhelming in the past few months. In the waiting for articles to arrive, I was in the waiting for healing as I recovered from a stich abscess that prevented me from so much, including board meeting.

“Come to Me, you who are weary, for I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:38. Although I tried to recite that verse as a mantra, as a mom there doesn’t feel like finding rest is possible some days.

I learned two new things to me as I’ve been recovering. Bullet Journaling (started with a webinar by our very own Sandra Hasenauer) and Hygge.

I don’t know about you, but I used to write everything down. In these days of technology having a paper planner seems so odd. But getting back to writing things down is helping me to feel more in control. Depression feeds on that feeling of being out of control. I’m realizing that happens very easily for me. I’m striving to journal more, to write/plan more. How do you plan?

Hygge, is a Danish concept that cannot be explained with one word, it is a feeling, an ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present . Anyone who has children can relate in the heat of the moment being present can be hard. I hope to be sharing more online.

I hope you feel God as our board shares with you here in A Witness.

Blessings, Rebecca

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