Editor … Fall 2018

by Rebecca Walters

Seasons change, but old habits die hard sometimes. Putting others before ourselves, making sure everyone is fed even if it means eating crumbs ourselves. I’m not saying that giving to those in need is not what the scriptures tell us, far from it.

As I was reading a post on motherhood it spoke of letting God fill your cup so that you can then pour out to others. This is something as women we don’t always do well, at least I don’t.

We drain ourselves until there just isn’t any more there to give, often breaking. Then we realize we need to take care of ourselves better. Sometimes our family and friends realize that the need. Sometimes it is only after we establish boundaries that they accept.

I have been a spectator to ABWM of NYS for over 17 years. I have seen the changes in membership, numbers attending events. Struggles to remain relevant are all over in the religious sector. It is true here too.

Many times we reactively give because of a need looking at the checkbook. This I equate to the announcement on where we are reaching the goal for the special project at convention.

Sometimes we give reductively because we want to focus the impact our money makes. So we make something new like the Opportunities Fund.

Both at the State and National we are being asked to look reflectively, to look hard at what ABW has done for us, considering what we can give in return to enable ABWM to continue to the ministry that began so long ago. Vital Partners, Dig In 4 New Digs. Something to think about. More to come online, I’m out of space. 😉

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