Editor … Fall 2020

I know that we are told often that “through Christ, I can do all things”  (Philippians 4:13), but this year has been hard on so many. 

Self-care has come to take on a whole new level of meaning.  A new emphasis brought on by necessity and the flight and fight instincts as we try to keep ourselves and those close to us safe in this time of uncertainty.

Parents who typically struggle with a work/life balance anyways, have been thrust into the chaos of not only trying to maintain that but also adding the schooling of the kids from home while parents themselves work from home. 

It becomes harder to unplug from work, from school, and at some times all too easy to mindlessly scroll hoping for a break from the chaos that surrounds everyone inside those four walls. 

Others are isolated, alone, without touch.  Sisters to be whole, we have to think of all those who are struggling and determine where we can in our struggle reach out to someone to give them support without hurting ourselves.  Communities support one another and that does not end at the church door.  It should come out into the world and into our everyday lives. 

Who can you check on today?? Do you need to be checked on?  Call a friend, admit you need to talk to someone outside the walls that have surrounded you these last few months. 

As we prepare for the Advent Season and Christ’s coming, let us also prepare how to help the travelers.  Instead of traveling to Bethlehem, they are limiting their trips to the store, interactions.. so that hopefully soon we can meet under the stars of glory as the Angels sing…

Blessings, Becky

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