Editor … Fall 2022

by Rebecca Walters

In August, Sarah Bessey shared a blessing on Facebook.  It is one that I have since come back to many times as I have thought about our theme, Let the Walls Fall Down. 

So many times the walls are trying to keep us in the boxes that society expects us to behave within.  These days I find the boxes don’t fit medically, culturally, or in societal expectations. 

Being willing to let some of that go though, that can be hard.  That is where this blessing, comes in.  May it bless you as you face the walls that God wants you to as you Let the Walls Fall Down. 

May you see the goodness of God in your actual days. 

May you be given wisdom and joy and something worth grieving when it’s gone.

May the steady and abiding presence of God be with you at night, when everyone goes home.

May the fire reveal who you have always been.

And then may you rise from the ashes with a grin, a wild heart that won’t be talked out of love and possibility.

– Sarah Bessey, 8/13/2022 Facebook post

(Sarah Bessey, 8/13/22 FB post)

Our world is changing around us.  Our world as children of Christ and the hands and feet of God have not.  We are still called to be the church, to care for the poor, to forgive often, to care for the environment, to fight for the powerless, to reject racism, to share earthly and spiritual resources, to embrace diversity, to love God, and most of all enjoy this life that God gave us to do God’s will. 

Breaking walls together with you,

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