From the Editor … Spring 2016

Sometimes it is hard to see the road ahead. Yet God calls us to trust in him and walk. This quote from Martin Luther King Jr. has been coming to mind for me a lot lately.


Here within our own ABWM community and our churches we feel this challenge.

SEEing the way to be God’s hands and feet in our own families and communities.

SEEing the way to help the young people around us to maintain their connection to the church, AB Women, AB Men.

SEEing that we as an organization need to put our oxygen mask on. That we need to invest in our organization and our community as a special project. By doing this ensuring we can be here in the future for us as we grow older, and the young people we are investing in.

A bunch of women are working to help us through this as they start their new terms as Board members. Pray for them. Pray with them.

As we walk step by step to the future, have faith that God is enabling you to see through the uncertainty and leading us on the path he has set for us as an organization and as women serving him at home.

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