Editor … Spring 2018

The theme of FEEL was very strong at our convention this past month. I am hoping that many of you will write in with your experiences allowing me to share them on the website to show the impact that attending convention can have on your life. I am working on mine, so watch the website for that to come soon.

Our issue this Spring is choc full of bits that show you how the theme FEEL is being used to reach women and girls for Christ.

It is also evidence of the change that our community has felt as the titles of our roles on the board have changed to reflect those on the national level.

Some members taking some space for God’s next steps, others taking on roles at both the state and national levels at once.

The word FEEL is a heavy word. There is a lot of emotional implications to that word. Some notes that I took down over the weekend included…

How do you FEEL a part of the AB Women’s Ministries of NYS community?

How do you FEEL a part of your local church community?

Who do you FEEL you have connected with already?

Who do you FEEL you need to connect with?

We are ever in an effort to connect with you and help you FEEL a part of the Women’s Ministries here in NYS. Come visit the website, check out our Facebook page. There is a lot that happens in between the two issues of A Witness that come out each year.

Drop me a line too, tell me how can we help you FEEL a part of AB Women’s Ministries in our quest to reach women and girls for Christ?

Also an Announcement

You may have noticed on page 2 at the bottom of the printed issue, there is a new person listed as the address and subscription person for A Witness.

Cherie Baker, my compatriot in crime, has prayerfully decided that she needs to take a step down from her role in AB Women’s Ministries of New York State as the Witness Address Editor.

Don’t worry she can’t get away that easily, she has already promised me she would help with the Witness display again next year. 🙂 She is pictured here with my youngest (4 years old) as we worked on the display for this convention.

Cherie will still be around, but is searching for God’s plan currently. If you would like to send Cherie anything as words of encouragement you can still reach her contact information from before (or in the printed version of the newsletter).

Cherie thank you for your many years of service in not only this role but your many roles in AB Women’s Ministries of NYS!

Lorraine Brownell has taken over the Address Editor position for A Witness.  Please see page 2 of the printed edition for her contact information.

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