Editor … Spring 2020

How to summarize what has felt like a mess of months this Spring? 

{Picture my blank stare, at a blank screen.}

As my brain tries, I keep coming back to the thought that God remains with us despite it all. 

Our gatherings have switched from in-person, to across computer screens or phone speakers. 

Our world is hurting.  Both with physical illness and instability in so many ways. 

Yet at the same time, teachers came together to find a way to continue to teach.  Communities found ways to keep the food flowing to those in need. 

Grace has been given in cancellations, giving back deposits that a year ago would have never been considered.  God is Good. 

As we still process what the future will bring, how we will continue  to worship together, we can still continue the ministry we have been charged with, even if it is from our own homes. 

I urge you to keep in contact with your communities, with those you only saw once a year.  Send a letter, write an email, make a phone call. 

Take time in the word. 

Take care of yourself.  Ensure that you are caring for yourself as much as you might be caring for others in this time of uncertainty. 

As our summer months enter the picture, think of how you can still reach out and minister in ways that might not be so conventional. 

Think outside the box. 

Reset and Reimagine what our world could look like as we move forward. 

God be with you until we can hug again.

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