Fall Board Meeting 2020

The Fall Board Meeting will be held virtually this weekend. Actually, as I’m typing this there are many working to be ready to meet within the hour minutes… yep I was interrupted as I edited this to hit publish… As I was saying, others of us will join as we can with family obligations in full swing during this season.

I’m writing this quick, trusting the algorithms to bring it to to your view, to ask you to hold the American Baptist Women’s Board in prayer as they discuss the work that needs to be done. The ten months have been challenging for many. The last eight months have seen at times to be never-ending with Zoom meetings, Zoom schooling, grocery shopping, the endless requests for food (or is that just my house with four kids??). It has been a challenge for most of us.

As our post introducing the theme of Sisters Seeking Wholeness stated, “American Baptist Women’s Ministries strives to address the spiritual and social issues that leave women and girls young and not so young, feeling broken.” This is even more important right now.

Pray for each board member as they attend as they can attend tonight and tomorrow. Pray for our families, our neighbors, our villages, and our nation.

Holding you in prayer as well, Rebecca

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