Fall is here.  The seasons are changing and the leaves are falling and for many of us we are getting cold enough to possibly see snow soon.  It also means that our American Baptist Women’s Ministries groups here in New York are hard at work.

This Friday and Saturday

Will you hold the Board Members in prayer as they gather together this weekend as we travel to and gather at the Owego Treadway Inn?  You may know that our members of the State Board will be gathering together to meet and there will be more mini-groups this weekend and in the coming months meeting as they prepare for the Annual Meeting in April.

Getting to Work

Things here on the webpage are going to be ramping up quite quickly and I’m planning out the posts in the calendar to not overwhelm you or I.  🙂

  • The reports are coming in for A Witness which is published now twice yearly.  Reports will be published here on the website and the entire issue will be available for download sometime after November 10th.  I will link it in this post once it is available.
  • We have our Scholarship series to reprise and finish.  That will be starting up again tomorrow.
  • I am also beginning to plan out posts for you to use to introduce newer women to ABWM to some of the facets of our ministry that some of us just “know” but might not know exactly how to explain.

So even though outside Fall is a time of plants going to sleep for renewal in the new year, our ABWM year is really beginning to start-up.

How are you working in your ministry locally?  Have you made it to meetings?

Can I share it here?  Send me a message.  I really want to share more of what is happening in our local ABWM groups here in our space to give inspiration to others.

Enjoy the changing of this season, even though it brings a lot of work for many of us for raking up the leaves.  Making a clear space for the wonder of the wintertime and the time ahead with families during the holidays.  The season brings us many different facets of God’s work that we can See

Blessings, Rebecca

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