From the Editor … Fall 2015

by Rebecca Walters

Isn’t the quest of life, that elusive question we find ourselves asking, what is it we are supposed to be doing with our lives?  What does God want us to be doing?  This year’s theme we are exploring those questions…

As I raise four girls  and have been charged also with their education I struggle with this right here at home.  What should we be learning about right now?  How should we be learning it? Who should I be leaning on for help in this process?  The answer to the last is always I should be leaning on God.  But some days its too easy to think that I’m on my own and need to do things under my own power.  Usually that is when something happens.  Like this summer when I had unexpected triple hernia repair surgery and ended up spending my summer recovering instead of tackling the million plus items on our to-do list for the summer.

Just recently I made it to an actual honest to goodness ABW meeting locally.  Many things seem to conspire against me making it in previous months.

I was struck by how welcoming the women were, despite bringing my crew with me.  They welcomed us with open arms.

I was thinking later that night how many young women in my position with young children, want to but just haven’t been able to attend a local meeting?  I challenge you to :

See… Who?  Who can you invite?

See… What? What might be an obstacle to them attending?

See… How?  How can you help them get there?  Perhaps it is showing up at the house to get everyone out the door on time.  That helped us!


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