Funds to the State

Did you know what your AB Women’s Group and church collects, then has to be forwarded to the Association Treasurer? Did you know it is so she can send it along to the State Treasurer for those funds to be included in the monies for each area at the Annual Board Meeting in April?

I know there have been various times where someone at the Annual Meeting says “Oh but we sent in the funds.” But if the monies do not arrive in time, they cannot be counted for the year being presented.

To help with that there are two forms that are involved.

Local Church to Association

This is the form for your church to send to the Association. On this form there is a place for the funds your group/church have collected. The breakdown is below.

This form should be in to your Association by March 1st.

Association to the State

This form is the one that your Association Treasurer will use, after compiling the forms she receives from all the churches in your association, to send to the State Treasurer. The breakdown is the same on both forms. This form is listed saying BLUE Form in the top and bottom of the form.

This form will change when we elect a new treasurer. The form through March 2019 is this form. (After the board meeting in April a new form will be uploaded.)

This form should be in to the State Treasurer by March 15th.

The Breakdown

NYS General Fund

This is monies to support the general operations of ABWM of NYS. This pays for the every day operations, the sending of our representatives to national conferences, mailings you receive, so much that goes on behind the scenes. We actually had our General Fund as our 2016-2017 Special Project.

NYS Leadership Fund

This is for funds to specifically support training by our Leadership Development team, to assist with state training and/or other spiritual events.

NYS Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is to help young women attending college in a small way with their financial needs. The monies collected for our Scholarship Girls is so important. The funds the are collected and sent in prior to the Annual meeting are what determine the fund available to be handed out that year. You can learn more about the Scholarship Fund and how to apply here.


To support our ministry with the young women and girls of NYS and provide conference for them. Find out more about the current AB GIRLS plans here.

Special Project

These funds go to the Current Special Project. Remember the last offering for the Special Project is taken at convention and then the new project is announced. Any funds received after that offering at convention then are applied to the new special project.

Association Support

How are you supporting your local association and the American Baptist Women’s presence that helps support you?

National Support

Monies here help support our National Office and representatives. Replenishment of funds that may have been used during the move and in the planning and support that American Baptist Women’s Ministries gives from the National level.

Women and Girls Mission Fund

This area is split into four areas, allowing some designated funds and non-designated funds giving a little flexibility where needed.

  • Non-Designated: enabling a response to a national mission need that benefits women and girls. This includes short term mission projects, AB GIRLS, Leadership Development and Refit.
  • Designated-AB GIRLS: supports the work of AB GIRLS as they strive to grow and become active across the nation.
  • Designated-Leadership Development: to assist with national training and/or spiritual events.
  • Designated-Refit: to help missionaries prepare for going to, or returning from the mission field.

Remember every little bit helps.

picture with mountain range in the background and a church steeple. Quote from Stella McCartney “Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.”

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