Giving for Scholarship – Day 4

This post is part of a series of posts highlighting the Scholarship Giving Calendar to raise money for our Scholarship Girls to use to further their education and their calling from God.

A name is a powerful thing. Today as Easter approaches we think of the names hailed for Jesus today during our Palm Sunday worship services.


Son of David




With our Day 4 – on the calendar we look at the name that we ourselves were given or in some cases chose.

Our day has been busy as we celebrated the birth of our youngest turning 2.  Each of our children’s names was chosen for a reason.  Some of you know the middle names of our girls and the impact each of them has had our our lives…Faith, Grace, Hope, Joy and Peace.

Your parents chose your name.  As we celebrate Palm Sunday and the coming of our Risen Lord on Sunday let us celebrate our own names.

“Give 5 cents for each letter in your first and last name.”

So let’s see for me that’s …7+7=14 so… 70 cents!

How much are you raising so far for our scholarship girls? Share in the comments here or on Facebook if you want to participate along!

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