Giving for Scholarship

As a former scholarship girl the idea of paying it forward to the girls representing the future of ABW Ministries here in NYS speaks to my heart.  I loved the cards, the gift boxes, and the small notes that always seemed to arrive just when I needed it when I was away at school as a young woman.

There are other ways to give, ways that your whole church could participate in.

Did you know there is a Scholarship Calendar available giving ideas to put a few cents into a jar each day to give towards the scholarship fund?  Did you know that there are 31 days of ideas on that calendar?  Over the course of the next 31 days I’m going to highlight those days here on the website.  If you do all of them and bring your money to convention earmarking it for scholarship think how much we can help the young women applying for scholarship this year!

The posts for this challenge, to see how much we can raise for scholarship, will be posted here and also be posted on our Facebook page each day.  You can share here in the comments how much you are giving today.   If you are on Facebook, come share on the post perhaps how much you are giving.  With the participants, I’ll try to keep a running log of how much we are potentially raising for scholarship.

As always, if you cannot give the recommended amount of 5 cents per something, perhaps change it to 1 cent.  Every little bit helps.  If you can give more than the “recommended” amount for a day it always helps!

So to start today, I’m going to skip ahead a day since everywhere we look is green today because of St. Patrick’s day.  🙂


From Day 2 – “For each house plant you have give 5 cents.”

Hmmm…. for me that is 16 house plants, wow!  So 16×5= 80 cents!

Download your Scholarship Calendar to participate along now!


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