Giving for Scholarship – Day 12

Did you have a good Easter?  My girls enjoyed the wonder of the empty tomb and the hunt around the house for Easter eggs.  It was wonderful to watch the cooperation of everyone making sure the baby (2 years old) got to find her own eggs in the hunt.

As we prepped for Easter and our Easter dinner we had to do a little shopping.  I know usually when the stores are closed that is when we discovered something we forgot, or went through a little more than we planned so the next today is always having to be a day of shopping for something even if it is something small.

I’m so grateful to live where a trip to the store is not an all day affair, that I’m able to purchase safe food for my girls to eat, and that we have safe places to shop.  I know not all in this world are that lucky.

I think of the women and young girls in Africa who walk for hours to bring water to their houses.  I think of those who live in fear of the wars going on around them.  Going out to the store, especially by themselves, on a moments notice is not something they can fathom, much less make a reality in their current situations.  Currently I am recovering from surgery and am still having some pain when driving.  So I have a small inkling, albeit very small, of the feeling they might have of being trapped unable to go out.  But I know I am healing and will continue to be blessed by the small town I live in as I am able to venture out again on my own.

So in celebration of living where we are safe, where we have the convenience to shop, where we can get clean and safe food, let’s embrace our challenge today: “If you went shopping today, give all your change to scholarship.”

How much extra change from shopping can we put towards scholarship today?



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