Giving for Scholarship – Day 13

Over the last two days we have been blessed to connect with family far away through the wonders of technology.  I’m forever thankful that this technology exists allowing my children to see their grandparents, their cousin, and other family that we just do not get to see that often right now.

When I think back to how technology has changed from when I was a scholarship girl, it amazes me.  I think of how lucky I was to grab a computer at the computer lab when I had a paper due.  I think of how excited I was to get a computer in my dorm room, and the dot matrix printer to print on, so that I would no longer have to go to the lab and wait for a computer to be free.  The freedom of being able to write my papers whenever I wanted!

Now my children are accustomed to technology.  They do not know of a television that does not have a remote.  They are used to carrying phones in our pockets instead of being attached to a wall by a cord.  They will miss the nostalgic joy of sitting on the floor twisting the phone cord around my fingers while one the phone.  🙂

We do not even have a landline anymore as we tried to cut expenses we went strictly to cell phones.  For now anyways.  We know this may change in the future but for now it works for our family.

Today our challenge is to “Give $1.00 for each iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc. and computer in your home.”

We were blessed this Christmas with gifts for our children that have made it so that number is higher than it would have been prior.  So for us, we have a total of nine devices so that is $9 towards scholarship.  We know we are blessed and it has been a huge help to us in our homeschooling.  How else could my girls be learning German, Spanish, Italian and French all at once?  Not from me, not all at once!



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