Giving for Scholarship – Day 14

The sun is shining even though it is a bit cold here in the North Country today.  Spring is trying to come, but I have awoken to snow covering my lawn and my roof the last three days.  But I am grateful the robins are starting to appear, and the snow melts away every morning.

As a part of our Scholarship Giving Challenge today, “Praise God and give a contribution to the NYS Scholarship Fund”.  Tomorrow we will be almost halfway through our challenge.

Also two reminders:

  1. Our 2016 Convention is coming up soon, April 3rd!  Just four short days away.  Have you already sent in your registration?  Do you need to download the Convention Registration Forms yet?
  2. The Scholarship Application for 2016 is available.  Have you downloaded the forms and shared them with a young woman recently?  Remember these young women as we are Giving for Scholarship!



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