Giving for Scholarship – Day 16

I think I was eight when my mom started taking us to church regularly. Also at eight I was blessed with the church sponsored my first, of many, camping experiences to Pathfinder.

My camping experience was a huge factor in my ultimate decision at 12 to be baptized. Later I was blessed to meet my husband at camp and this may we will be celebrating 20 years of married life.

For me being saved it just something I remember always being there. There wasn’t a huge conversion experience which at times has made me feel at a loss.

But instead as I grow older I know I have had my own struggles in my walk. Most of which I would not wish on anyone. I’m thankful that even in those times God is still there patiently waiting for me to find my way back.

Today as a part of our Scholarship Giving Challenge, we are to “Give 10 cents for each year that you have been saved.” For me, that is almost 30 years.  Wow that is hard to believe.  Some days I feel so much younger than that, other days twice that!  What about you?  Do you want to share how long you have been saved?



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