Giving for Scholarship – Day 17

I remember being a scholarship girl and it always seeming like I was always finishing up things at the last minute.  There was always a paper to write, always a test to study for.  I am very thankful that part of my life is over.  🙂

But as a homeschooling mom it doesn’t always feel like it is over as I help my girls with their work.  Right now I know we are on the easy part, the harder part is coming but I know that I will prepare like I always did… most likely late into the night before.

For our Scholarship Giving Challenge today, think about, “Did you stay up late to study?  If not, be thankful and give a contribution for our recipients.”

I know some of you are studying in Lay Study Classes, so you are still studying, perhaps be thankful for those opportunities and still give a contribution for our recipients.

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