Giving for Scholarship – Day 18

I almost saved this day for another day.  Up here in the North Country our high today on this beautiful Sunday is not going to reach above freezing.  Brrr!  In the typical New York spring weather we have the clipper coming down from Canada bringing the more arctic air and it looks like snow for many of us along with it.  I don’t know about you but I am ready for Spring to arrive beyond the few crocuses that have managed to push their way above the ground.

Today I will not likely be working in the yard, but if it is warmer where you are, or perhaps you are just a bit more determined than I am today, “Give $1.00 if you worked in your yard today.  Give God thanks for His beautiful creation.”

I’m betting if you wanted to,  you could count shoveling snow as working in the yard as well.  😉



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