Giving for Scholarship – Day 19

This post is a part of our 2016 Scholarship Giving Challenge

“If the sun is shining, give 25 cents, if it is raining or snowing give 50 cents.”


I almost laughed when I saw this was the challenge for today.  I know most of us will be giving 50 cents as winter storm Ursula comes across the country and brings more snow to NYS today.  I’m not a fan in particular of the naming of storms, especially since with this one all I can picture is the Little Mermaid.  🙂 But it is April in New York.  We know that weather like this will come, despite our longing for the winter to be completely over.

I remember as a senior in college, sweltering in my dorm room as I was preparing things to go home for the end of the semester and the end of my college career.  I vividly remember taking my wool dress, a favorite out of my closet to pack away, and having a voice tell me to keep it.  Not to pack it away just yet.  I listened, but my friends thought I was absolutely crazy.

Sure enough, the day of my baccalaureate celebration there was snow.  Three inches in fact.  Yes, it was the day before Mother’s Day.  Yes, it was May in New York.  I was freezing from the knees down but I was warmer as I was covered in my long sleeved wool dress.  I was so thankful for listening to that small voice.

As April is starting up, I think of our scholarship girls as they are coming up in their last month of classes for this semester.  I pray they are listening to the small voice that tries to help them in their upcoming decisions perhaps on the classes for the next semester or perhaps it is on the steps that will come next after their schooling is completed.

We will be shoveling and giving our 50 cents today, but it is a small thing when I think of all I wish I could give to help our young women in their schooling.



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